Recycling Services

Where others see waste as garbage, HAVI helps you treat it as a resource

Today, too much waste goes to landfill unnecessarily, from traditional recyclables to waste products with surprising uses. Our team takes the time to learn exactly what’s in your business’s waste stream, finding innovative ways to turn that waste into a valuable resource. We help you generate revenue from recyclable products while saving money in waste disposal and haulage.

Key Benefits: Recycling Services

By taking a close look at your waste stream, we can help your business:


Reduce waste disposal costs by identifying efficiencies and lowering disposal costs.


Reduce its environmental footprint by sending less trash to landfill.


Help shape your brand’s sustainability narrative and tell a powerful story about recycling.

HAVI’s Recycling Services

HAVI can identify recycling opportunities and find innovative ways to divert trash from landfill, helping the environment and saving your business money. Recycling isn’t a zero-sum game, so we adopt a partnership mentality when finding solutions for waste management problems.

Here are just some of the ways we help businesses improve their recycling processes: