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Many consumers are making decisions based on your brand’s environmental record and reputation. But for many businesses, sustainability is not a core area of expertise, and progress can be hard to measure. As part of our broader offering in recycling & waste, the HAVI team applies its skills to setting, and meeting, your sustainability goals. 

Key Benefits: Sustainability

Our team of experts can help you to:


Appeal to environmentally-conscious consumers with sustainable processes and products, standing out from your peers.


Show measureable improvement in sustainability which you can report to stakeholders.


Protect your brand over the long term by managing environmental and reputational risk.


Standardize reporting and communication on sustainability across your supply chain.


Establish sustainable policies that can be cash-neutral or even cash-positive.

HAVI’s Sustainability Solutions

At HAVI, we help companies build strength across three areas of corporate responsibility: social, environmental and economic (often known as the ‘triple bottom line’). Our efforts aim to help our customers use their resources efficiently, responsibly, and sustainably, with programs that include: