Better Future Blueprint

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Multiplying Our Positive Impact

As a consumer engagement and supply chain partner, HAVI has both the responsibility to act and the opportunity to inspire a better future for people, communities and the planet. Our Better Future Blueprint defines our path forward to delivering greater positive impact by driving responsible operations and advancing sustainable solutions.

Better Future Blueprint Graphic
Better Future Blueprint Graphic
Bringing Our Better Future Blueprint to Life

We’re pursuing commitments and taking action in the four areas below.

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People & Communities

We seek to help people and communities thrive by ensuring the health and safety of our employees, giving back to our communities, and progressing on our journey to better value diversity, ensure fair treatment and opportunity, and provide an inclusive environment where all can be their authentic selves.

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We seek to protect the environment by reducing the impact of our offices, distribution centers and vehicle fleets, as well as examining how much we travel and consume. We are taking action related to carbon emissions, energy usage, sustainable transport, waste and water.

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We seek to inspire, design and deliver sustainable solutions in such areas as circularity, digitization and sustainable design and material sourcing. We do this through our own initiatives, working at the request of customers or collaborating with suppliers and other partners.

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We seek to partner with industry groups, NGOs, government agencies and others to drive systemic change related to supply chain resiliency, recovery and recycling infrastructure and more.

Learn More About Our Culture
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Global and Diverse

Our diverse teams collaborate across locations, functions and business lines to solve problems and serve our customers. HAVI people share a common willingness to pitch in, work together and go the extra mile, especially when the unexpected occurs. It’s a point of pride for us – an expression of our collective integrity, creativity and belief that if we just work together, we can achieve what seems impossible.

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Valuing Authenticity

We believe that breakthrough ideas come from extraordinary people. And to be extraordinary, we need the freedom to be our most authentic selves. At HAVI, we value authenticity and are accepting of all people. As a company, we are a work in progress and will continue to grow and listen to new voices. Because the more voices we have in here, the more people we can reach out there.

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Committed to Our Communities

HAVI has long recognized the importance of giving back to the communities in which we operate. Our employees around the world contribute time and resources to a variety of global, regional and local charities and disaster relief organizations.