HAVI Helps Global Beverage Retailer Increase ROI

HAVI helped a global beverage retailer to implement a more streamlined process of collecting data and utilizing it to improve the impact of their national marketing program. Through HAVI’s new reporting solutions and targeted analytics, they were able to track performance more effectively and produce a greater ROI.

HAVI Helps Global Beverage Retailer Increase ROI

A structured process, strategic guidance, targeted analytics and new reporting tools enable a global beverage retailer to improve promotional quantify the impact of one of its national marketing programs.


A global beverage retailer developed a marketing program that employed a network of brand ambassadors at more than 100 key locations across the country. The ambassadors were to engage with community members and coordinate support for

events and promotions on behalf of the brand. Ambassadors researched which products were being sold in local stores,

people were drinking and their thoughts on the brand. In this way, ambassadors helped to strengthen relationships and promote brand loyalty by creating connections between the local communities, retailers, distributors and the brands.

While many ambassadors their objectives, the knowledge and insights gathered could not be utilized effectively and there was no way to measure the program’s success. Each brand ambassador collected and reported information in a different manner. Ambassadors coordinated and participated in events, but there was no effective mechanism across the program that enabled and sharing. The program lacked an efficient way to collect, aggregate, integrate and synthesize the the retailer to identify insights and implement best practices.


The beverage retailer sought help from HAVI, a global leader in packaging, supply chain services, marketing and supply chain analytics, merchandising planning and promotions management, and waste, recycling and sustainability. The company was confident that HAVI understood their business and would develop a solution that would enable them to measure success for brand ambassadors and the overall program. HAVI brought a comprehensive solution to the program.

  • They developed a streamlined reporting process and worked with the beverage retailer to determine how to best manage brand ambassadors and gain visibility into their activities.
  • HAVI implemented a series of goals that brand ambassadors could track against and management tools enabling performance visibility.
  • New online portals were developed to capture and aggregate actionable data.
  • Qualitative data was mined to understand trends and insights.

In lieu of each ambassador running his/her program ad hoc and inputting data haphazardly, HAVI helped the beverage retailer establish a process outlining how and when reporting should  be done. HAVI created new reporting solutions, including field and senior management scorecards and dashboards, which enabled ambassadors to track their performance, input data more efficiently and compare results across their regions while stewarding program performance. The new tools promoted greater collaboration among managers and ambassadors. There was now a way to aggregate information across locations and determine what was successful as well as where there were gaps, allowing program managers to better manage brand ambassadors, identify gaps in performance and work to achieve targets.

As a result of HAVI’s efforts, the beverage retailer could consistently and efficiently collect information, share insights and track performance against program goals facilitating a mechanism to share best practices and determine ROI.


•  Insights and performance tracking – Enabled the beverage retailer to utilize the data collected by a large field team and turn it into actionable insights that could influence future marketing decisions while also measuring overall promotional ROI.

  • Fact-based decision making – Established a fact-based approach to its marketing program which allowed it to make more informed decisions and have constructive management conversations with ambassadors.
  • New reporting and data collection tools – Empowered the brand ambassadors with reporting tools that enabled them to be more informed about their locations while making data usable by driving them to consistently record and organize data locally.
  • Increased visibility and efficiency – Developed a consistent tracking function for field members, simplifying reporting for the brand ambassadors at the local level and improving visibility for the beverage retailer at the national level by enabling them to compare data across regions.