It’s in the Bag: HAVI Helps Granulated Products Manufacturer Identify...

HAVI helped a large U.S. manufacturer of consumer and industrial products to decide whether functional redesign was also needed after a graphic redesign on packaging. HAVI held various meetings and presented their final results that the company used for concept testing and ultimately redesign based on factual insights. 


It’s in the Bag: HAVI Helps Granulated Products Manufacturer Identify Packaging Redesign Opportunities

A large U.S. manufacturer of consumer and industrial granulated products sought help in assessing its packaging and developing a redesign to enhance its brand image with consumers.



A 100+-year old producer of granulated consumer products sold 40- and 80-pound plastic bags at major retailers across the U.S.

The company sought to grow sales and maintain or increase its margins without raising prices. It recently had completed a graphic redesign on its packaging and was considering a functional redesign as well, but needed help to determine if this was the right approach. Infrastructure and cost limitations were an issue as were competing concerns and priorities among company stakeholders. Additionally, the company’s core competency was not packaging and it lacked time and resources to devote to an assessment of its current package design and alternatives.



The manufacturer enlisted the help of HAVI to assess its challenges and provide perspective. The manufacturer also needed insight into the functionality of its packaging, consumer reaction to the packaging and opportunities for improvement. The company selected HAVI because of its reputation for customer service, deep industry expertise and track record for delivering innovative and creative packaging solutions. HAVI reviewed the scope of work, developed a timeline for completion and began a thorough discovery and assessment process.

During this process, the consultants met with individuals from various functions across the client organization to hear each one’s perspective and better understand his/her department’s needs and concerns. The consulting team reviewed existing research materials the client provided and conducted its own research, including plant tours, manufacturing visits as well as a retail audit to determine what types of stores were selling the product and where it was displayed. The team went one step further and also conducted interviews with consumers and captured video of them carrying and using the bags of product at home. HAVI compiled all of the research and insights gathered and prepared an assessment of data for presentation to the client’s executive team.

A key finding was that the majority of consumers purchasing their product were females and many struggled with the heavy, awkward bags. Often, someone else had to help the consumer unload the product at home. This insight along with others, were the foundation for the ideation phase during which executives and the consulting team considered key attributes of the brand (i.e. the brand is convenient and good value) and what those might look like for a consumer. A professional illustrator from the consulting team helped bring the group’s solution ideas to life in pictures.

For inspiration, the group visited HAVI’s alliance partner GfK Group’s NewProductWorks innovation center in Ann Arbor, Mich., for a half-day meeting. The center features a collection of more than 100,000 products that have launched over the last 50 years and provided ideas for how the manufacturer might effectively redesign its packaging in light of the insights.

Following this meeting, HAVI narrowed down the top concepts the group had developed and conducted a pragmatic analysis which identified the feasibility, cost, manufacturability and more of each one. The team then presented the client with a final report complete with professional illustrations, consumer insight, retail benefit detail, strategic commentary and cost assessment that the company could use for concept testing and ultimately for a package redesign based on real insights and proven concepts.



  • Consensus building – HAVI’s holistic approach incorporated the perspectives of each of the stakeholders and delivered both pragmatic insights and inventive concepts that met their needs and are feasible.
  • Efficiency – HAVI worked efficiently to conduct assessments, interviews and research, gather information and deliver a final presentation in a matter of weeks with minimal disruption to the client stakeholders.
  • Turnkey redesign brief – HAVI performed a thorough assessment of the manufacturer’s packaging and identified feasible functional redesign opportunities, complete with design concepts, supplier options and next step cost and timing estimates.