Menasha Packaging Selects ColorSentry for Enterprise Print Quality...

HAVI’s print quality management service known as ColorSentry helped Menasha Packaging Company, the industry’s largest independent packaging and merchandising solutions, to provide a solution to their original costly and inefficient printing process.  


Menasha Packaging Selects ColorSentry for Enterprise Print Quality Management

HAVI helps packaging provider Menasha manage the print supply chain and ensure color quality and consistency across its network of business units and printing plants through a centralized, digital color management solution.



Menasha Packaging Company, LLC, the industry’s largest independent, retail-focused packaging and merchandising solutions provider, sought help ensuring color quality of graphics and printing across its three business units and 12 printing plants.

Multiple Menasha printing plants often produce different elements of a larger package or point-of-purchase display for shared customers so it is crucial that the colors of each of the components align and will integrate seamlessly in the final product. This proved increasingly challenging for Menasha, however, because its printing plants operate independently of one another and each plant had been utilizing de-centralized print quality technology and assets. When it was time to purchase new equipment and software, the plants typically procured, installed and trained employees on equipment they selected independently and with minimum collaboration across the organization. Not only was this approach costly and lacking efficiency, it made effective print color management more difficult.

Menasha needed a single tool that would enable it to manage color as “One Menasha” and deliver a standardized color excellence to its broad base of customers.



Menasha selected HAVI ColorSentry solution for enterprise print quality management. Menasha was familiar with the solution because it had been using ColorSentry at the request of a customer who required each of its print suppliers to utilize the proprietary hardware and software to manage its print supply chain. By adding a customized, dedicated instance of ColorSentry, Menasha is able to apply the best practices in color control not only to their broader client base but to leverage the acquired print data for improved operational performance and waste reduction. ColorSentry offers a centralized Web infrastructure and browser-based interface for selecting and specifying color standards and tolerances, certifying ink formulations, contract proof certification, press color approval and enterprise quality process control.

“Selecting ColorSentry was an easy decision for our organization because we knew what the tool was capable of and we trusted the quality it would deliver,” said Dan Lachapell, Plant Area Manager, Menasha. “We also were confident in the support we would receive from HAVI.”

ColorSentry’s SaaS model meant Menasha did not have to make a large upfront investment in new equipment and capital; rather, it was able to lease the software and hardware package and roll it out across all of its printing plants in one swift initiative. Employees would be able to work from a common platform accessible via the Web in any plant location and viewable on any Internet connected device. HAVI customized functionality and installations to meet the unique needs of each plant and provided training to all users. Ongoing technical support is available to Menasha users 24/7.

HAVI was able to synchronize the color standards from each of the different Menasha printing plants for greater quality control. The centralization of information and standards also helped foster consistency and efficiency. Additionally, because ColorSentry is a SaaS, HAVI is able to implement updates and manage certifications and spectrophotometer calibrations across plants simultaneously. “ColorSentry is a turnkey solution that combines hardware and software with a team of people who can customize solutions, execute training and implementation, manage updates and provide 24/7 support,” said Gary Shadick, Director of Quality, Menasha. “HAVI simplifies print management so we can focus on doing what we do best – delivering superior creative packaging and print solutions to our customers.”



  • Consistent – ColorSentry enabled Menasha to synchronize color standards across the organization and manage color as “One Menasha” on behalf of its customers, ensuring consistent color and print quality on every project.
  • Turnkey – No need to select hardware, software, spectrophotometers and other equipment; ColorSentry offers all of these in a turnkey solution that is customized with functionality to meet customers’ unique needs.
  • Affordable – SaaS model and developed best practices enabled Menasha to implement ColorSentry across all of its plants simultaneously without significant upfront investment in capital and assets.
  • Efficient – Online notifications, communication and feedback, digital asset storage and total job management accessible via a Web browser facilitates consistency and standardization across plants. ColorSentry also eliminated the inefficient and costly process of individual plants researching and purchasing their own color management equipment and software.