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Turning data clarity into business opportunity
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Companies have more data than ever at their fingertips. But they don’t always have the processes and tools to make sense of it. HAVI’s analytics expertise generates business insights and helps you make truly informed decisions. We leverage market-leading analytics expertise in all of our Supply Chain Management work, because we understand its value.


Managing data is the foundation for smart supply chain decisions. As the managers of some of the largest supply chains in the world, we know how complex that task can get.

But for our Data Management professionals, it’s all in a day’s work to define the characteristics of items and define their locations, or to cross-match transactional data across different sources to ensure data quality.

We help customers create the information framework that informs all other supply chain decisions. Our experts can help construct bills of material and manage the association of items to specific geographic locations. We also partner with our clients in working with transactional data, developing models and systems that capture accurate information in a timely manner. And we can ensure data quality and integrity by performing root cause analysis of any issues that arise.

Whether we’re addressing challenges like these, or bringing you wide-ranging insight on your data as a whole, our experience is an asset of proven value.


There are vast amounts of data available to most companies that might seem unrelated at first glance:


Purchase demographics, knowledge and insights.


Analytics to help you make pricing decisions more effectively.


Marketing spend data to improve your ROI.


Supply chain planning data.

In fact, putting these datasets together is vitally important. Businesses that use analytics and data-driven decision processes are proven to be more productive, and more competitive, than businesses that don’t. HAVI helps businesses with both supply chain and marketing analytics.

Supply chain analytics is an area of growing importance. Manufacturers face the combined challenges of volatile consumer demand, rising commodity prices, and imposed regulatory change, while turning to supply chain analytics to help them reduce inventory exposure and become more nimble.

Marketing analytics delivers quantifiable returns on marketing initiatives, as well as early, accurate identification of consumer behavior and sales trends. Marketing Analytics help businesses more accurately plan and measure the effects of marketing activities, promotions, and product launches.