Creative Packaging Design Helps Bakery Supplier Prime the “Pump” for a...

HAVI helped a leading international bakery supplier quickly to bring a branded product to market without significant investment in market testing by designing affordable, effective packaging solutions. In this case, speed-to-market was critical and HAVI delivered realistic solutions that complimented the supplier’s existing system to quickly commercialize. 


Creative Packaging Design Helps Bakery Supplier Prime the “Pump” for a Successful Brand Launch

HAVI’s packaging team designed affordable, effective stock packaging solutions to help an international bakery supplier quickly bring a branded product to market in the United States. The packaging team also proposed for the supplier’s consideration longer-term, more customized solutions that communicated the premium quality of its brand.



A leading international bakery supplier, co-manufacturing flavored sauces for use in specialty coffees and as dessert toppings for one of its customers, decided to produce its own unique line of branded sauces. The supplier wanted to market and distribute three different flavored dessert/coffee sauces in colored 64-ounce blow-molded bottles with pumps to bakeries and cafes in the United States under one of its European brand names. Speed to market was critical as the patents and trademarks associated with the brand in the United States were set to expire and the supplier was eager to commercialize its products and retain the brand before this happened. The supplier also did not want to invest significant capital in market testing. It needed help designing packaging that would meet its needs, be well received by end users and align with its existing production and distribution capabilities.



The supplier sought help from HAVI, a global leader in packaging, supply chain services, marketing and supply chain analytics, merchandising planning and promotions management, and waste, recycling and sustainability, with deep expertise in the foodservice market. The supplier had worked with HAVI in the past and valued the packaging team’s holistic approach and strategic big-picture thinking.

HAVI’s packaging team considered the supplier’s inbound packaging, existing manufacturing equipment, production processes and distribution channels as well as how the product would be stored, sold, received and utilized by end users. The packaging team outlined this for the supplier and offered solutions that would support the client’s objectives in the short term – getting the product to market quickly to retain its brand name – and over time – conducting field testing and developing a more customized, branded look.

The packaging team proposed resin-based, blow-molded, opaque stock bottles that could be made to match the supplier’s three flavor profile colors (brown, camel and white). Each bottle had a height and footprint compatible with the product the supplier already was co-manufacturing for its customer making it easy to fill and package quickly on the supplier’s existing equipment.

HAVI found a closure with an induction seal that fit the neck finish of the bottles and would ensure appropriate product protection and integrity as well as ease of use for end users at bakery cafes and restaurants. The packaging team designed a custom label for the bottles that would promote the brand and they identified a pump with a proper dip tube length to evacuate all the sauce from the bottles.

At the same time, HAVI proposed more innovative and brand defining solutions. These designs were meant for consideration for the longer term as they were highly customized and would require the supplier to make a tooling investment because they leveraged different shapes, colors and labeling to communicate the premium quality of the brand. Additionally, the packaging team designed and proposed secondary and tertiary packaging for the bottles that helped reduce an extra, secondary piece of packaging and, in doing so, could help reduce costs and labor, eliminate a SKU and make set-up easier. By utilizing stock components that aligned with the supplier’s existing production line and could be branded with custom labels, HAVI made it possible for the supplier to quickly and affordably get its branded syrups into the U.S. market. HAVI also provided customized design solutions for consideration that would help differentiate and elevate brand value perception in the future.



  • Scalable packaging solutions – HAVI leveraged its comprehensive understanding of the packaging value chain as well as the bakery supplier’s business objectives to design both affordable, near-term packaging solutions that it could implement right away and highly customized, more branded long-term solutions for consideration after the initial launch.
  • Speed to market – HAVI presented realistic packaging solutions that worked with the supplier’s existing system (meaning no need for capital investment) and would enable it to quickly commercialize its coffee/dessert flavors in the United States.
  • Cost savings – In addition to presenting primary packaging solutions that would enable the supplier to avoid costly capital investments by leveraging its existing production line, HAVI presented secondary and tertiary packaging designs that eliminated extraneous pieces for additional cost savings.