Collaboration Leads to First-of-its-kind Disposable, Food-safe...

HAVI’s fill, cook and serve SIX500® trays and bowls can withstand 525 degrees for up to six minutes and work with a range of accelerated cooking ovens


Today’s commercial oven technology enables restaurants to produce quality food in two to three minutes. However, restaurant brand owners were frustrated with the lack of safe, disposable and durable packaging options available for use with accelerated cooking. Using permanent-ware and then transferring food to disposable packaging post- cooking was labor intensive and risky.


“We approached our suppliers only to find there was nothing on the market that fit those specs. Existing board or fiber packaging suppliers were generally stating compliance up to 400 degrees for 60 minutes,” said John Albers, Senior Product Manager, Packaging for HAVI. When the HAVI team determined that this type of disposable packaging did not exist, the idea to create such a product was born.

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Welbilt, a global leader in foodservice equipment and solutions, wanted to solve this frustration. The challenge was to find packaging that would safely perform with combi, impingement and rapid cook ovens and still accommodate regulatory requirements for a variety of food types. Mark Richardson, VP of Fitkitchen at Welbilt, turned to HAVI for a packaging solution.

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"SIX500® reduces labor costs, food wastage and helps eliminate potential allergen contamination associated with metal pans and food transfer. It’s a true game-changer for busy commercial environments."
Mark Richardson, VP of Fitkitchen at Welbilt



Through a collaborative approach that involved sharing perspectives from packaging and equipment, Welbilt and HAVI began a partnership to develop a solution that would address this packaging challenge. To qualify, the packaging had to:

  • Tolerate up to 525 degrees of heat
  • Withstand 2,000 watts of microwave energy
  • Handle impingement heat
  • Cook in steam or convection methods

Working in collaboration, Welbilt provided the kitchens, equipment and culinary expertise of their chefs while HAVI led the packaging development, sourcing, engineering and brand development. “The whole point of the packaging testing was that we didn’t want to be limited to one piece of equipment, which put a huge amount of stress on the development team,” said Chef Alison CullinWoodcock. “It was almost asking the impossible for a small piece of paperboard to respond to each environment and not catch on fire, fall apart or collapse under pressure.”

Different raw materials, coatings, laminates, structures and thicknesses were tested. Eventually, as properties were identified, and variables were reengineered, the product started to perform. However, there was one more hurdle: FDA compliance. The HAVI product stewardship team worked to create new standards for validating compliance against current regulations. This included a thorough review of each food type from macaroni and cheese to soup, as well as sensory, migration and extraction testing.


HAVI’s SIX500 is a breakthrough technology. SIX500 was developed after three years of collaborative research and development and rigorous testing exclusively for the high heat rapid-cook ovens.

  • First FDA-compliant packaging for accelerated cooking
  • Reduces labor costs and handling as a single-use packaging solution for fill, cook and serve
  • Eliminate potential allergen contamination associated with metal pans and food transfer
  • Maintains food aesthetics, quality and textures from cooking to serving