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Our Science Based Target: 40% Less CO2 by 2030
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Committed to Cutting Carbon Emissions

In May 2019, HAVI took another milestone step toward making our customers’ supply chains even more sustainable by signing up to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). As an SBTi member, we have formally committed to cutting carbon emissions from our operations by 40% per metric ton of goods delivered by 2030.

This means HAVI’s sustainability efforts are in line with climate science, ensuring we make a measurable contribution to keeping the rise in global temperatures well below 2°C, as per the Paris Agreement. The scientific consensus is that the impact of global warming will get worse unless businesses like HAVI take concrete steps to cut carbon emissions. Of course, no single business can stop climate change. But working closely with our stakeholders, we’re confident that we’re helping to create a more sustainable planet.

Accelerating Our Sustainability Drive



Steps We've Taken So Far

Our longstanding efforts to make supply chains greener include our alternative fuels partnership with Scania, more efficient route planning and delivering waste management solutions and recycling programs. Read more about the latest updates and developments below.


"Setting a science-based target gives HAVI’s longstanding commitment to sustainable business practices even more weight and credibility. We look forward to working with our customers, partners, industry peers and employees as we contribute to making the world cleaner, healthier and more sustainable.” Neil Humphrey, President, HAVI Logistics

Sustainability Leader

HAVI is a recognized leader in sustainable logistics. In fact, our commitment to the principles of sustainability is fundamental to who we are: it is embedded in our business culture, leadership structures and strategic framework.

That’s why setting a science-based target is not the start of our sustainability journey – it’s the latest leg along a journey that started over a decade ago. And it doesn’t stop here: HAVI’s next step will involve working through the climate change program run by the CDP, one of the SBTi’s partners, with the focus on bringing greater transparency to our environmental impact.






Committing to our science-based target sharpens our focus and injects even higher levels of energy, speed and direction into our sustainability efforts by linking them directly to climate science.

It also means we are among the first ten companies globally with targets approved by SBTi in the Airfreight, Transportation and Logistics category, and more broadly, to join a relatively small group of forward-thinking businesses that are taking decisive action against climate change by committing to and holding an approved SBTi target. 




We’ve always taken a bold approach to sustainability, and our Logistics business has achieved numerous sector firsts along the way, dating back to the 1980s. The launch of our successful Efficient & Sustainable Logistics (ESL) Program in 2012 marked a defining point along our sustainability journey.

Since then, we’ve kept tackling climate change through a growing list of pioneering initiatives. In addition to our strategic partnership with Scania, which aims to convert 70% of trucks in several markets in Europe to alternative fuels by 2021, we have also focused on other areas from waste management and recycling to renewable energy and responsible sourcing.


Partnerships with our customers, partners and – importantly – our employees will be critical to meeting our science-based target and combatting global warming. Our employees have always been fully engaged with our sustainability initiatives and they will act as a powerful driving force behind our SBTi program.

No business can save the planet alone. But working alongside all our stakeholders and other responsible businesses, we’re confident we can create a more sustainable environment for current and future generations.