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Food packaging quality is a complex part of your product life cycle, and a great deal depends on getting it right. HAVI is a packaging partner that understands the challenges, and keeps contributing value long after your packaging is designed. Using an Advanced Product Quality Planning framework, HAVI ensures your packaging can withstand the rigors of the supply chain, from manufacture to your customer’s table.

Using an Advanced Product Quality Planning framework enables you to:

  • Protect food quality, safety, and taste
  • Give food the best possible presentation
  • Distinguish your brand with unique packaging and communicate brand value
  • Keep up with a dynamic regulatory landscape and maintain packaging compliance around the world
  • Support the demands of users from a range of demographics
  • Use sustainable materials with confidence in their safety and performance

Packaging Quality Management For the Whole Life Cycle

At HAVI, we provide a full service, integrated packaging quality management system that supports all types of packaging. Our continuous improvement cycle provides brand protection and product integrity, from concept, to launch, through customer utilization, to end-of-life.




In any product life cycle, there are many variables to manage in order to ensure customers get high-quality products every time.  Our packaging quality program takes a three-dimensional approach incorporating:

  • Field Quality
  • Design Assurance
  • Supplier Quality


This customer-centric model considers the full spectrum of product stewardship, taking into account:

  • Input from front counter and location crews. We learn from the people that interact with your packaging day in, day out, driving real improvements.
  • Quality and performance of the design. We design packaging for high performance, and our teams then ensure that design is delivered consistently from every manufacturer, at every time and every place you need it.
  • Critical-to-quality specifications. We ensure specifications are applied across local, regional, or global locations, meeting your high expectations everywhere.

Packaging Compliance & Continuous Improvement

In any business, time is your most valuable resource. How much of your time can you allocate to packaging compliance and continuous improvement? Often, once a product is launched and in the market, attention is diverted to the next project. When that happens, both opportunities for improvement and areas of risk can be overlooked. That’s where a partner can step in: one who is ready to assist you with your ongoing in-market items, and is constantly thinking about improvement and packaging compliance. 

HAVI is exactly that kind of partner: dedicated to finding and addressing a packaging issue before it becomes a financial or brand risk. We do this in two key ways: Consumer Quality Assurance, and Continuous Improvement Initiatives. By handling these items for you, we can find efficiencies and mitigate risks for your business, while freeing up your time to focus on the next great idea.

Consumer Quality Assurance

Consumer Quality Assurance is critical to ensure the packaging you are providing properly supports the product it contains. To do this effectively, you need a systematic approach that covers your entire supply chain: from original material suppliers, to converters, fillers of the product, selling institutions, and consumers, all the way to end-of-life management.

You can’t be everywhere at once, so constantly monitoring every one of these steps is a challenge. Fortunately, HAVI’s end-to-end supply chain expertise is available to help with: 

  • Operations testing / Product roll-out: HAVI can assist with product roll-out and conduct operational readiness tests as part of our quality management system.   
  • BTC / ATC audits: Behind The Counter (BTC) and Across The Counter (ATC) audits are vital to ensure that all types of packaging are working as designed: not just for customers, but for food services operators. If BTC staff don’t like how your packaging functions, chances are greatly increased that customers will be dissatisfied with the product, or it will never reach them at all. 
  • Customer feedback: Creating a continuous improvement loop of customer feedback assists with both ensuring product longevity in the market, and also new product development.  HAVI can manage, analyze, and provide qualitative feedback from this data, giving you a new level of insight.

Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Continuous improvement initiatives are applied throughout HAVI's packaging programs. These proactive initiatives are designed to maintain ongoing focus on increasing efficiency and reducing defects.

  • Regulatory compliance: Changing regulatory dynamics must be monitored and fed back into continuous improvement cycles to ensure your packaging remains compliant in every local, regional, and global marketplace where it’s sold.
  • Complaint management, CAPA & RCA: Leveraging both Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA), combined with proactive complaint management, we can identify, define and address issues as part of continuous improvement.
  • Anticipatory issues management:  We use anticipatory issues management to identify and respond to emerging trends that affect your products or the entire supply chain ecosystem.

Vendor Quality Assurance For Every Specification

The quality of your packaging isn't fixed after the first manufacturing run. Consistent quality requires strong processes and that's why you need a partner like HAVI. We measure and monitor supplier performance to ensure continuous quality results.

HAVI will assist you with:

  • Specification Management: We establish and maintain comprehensive specifications for your packaging to ensure consistent production.
  • Vendor Qualification: We have a global network of suppliers, all of whom have gone through a rigorous qualification process. This provides you with peace of mind for your packaging sourcing, knowing that vendors were chosen for their ability to maintain high standards of safety, stewardship, quality and consistency.
  • Statistical Process Control:  We gather and maintain real-time data during manufacturing to ensure that exact standards are maintained.
  • Control Planning: We provide a written description of the processes and systems to minimize any product or process variation.
  • Food Safety Audits: We leverage independent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audits to ensure all processes and practices are being effectively monitored and maintained.