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Scania Field Test Proves Our Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions Are Working


Worldwide, distribution companies are under increasing pressure to minimize their environmental impact. In Italy, a country celebrated for its historic cities, that pressure is particularly strong. That’s why we are so proud to report that our efforts to further reduce the carbon footprint of our Italian delivery fleet are working.

Since mid-2017, our transport partner Scania has been field testing its 13-liter liquefied natural gas (LNG) engines on HAVI’s delivery routes – and the findings have been overwhelmingly positive. HAVI uses Scania’s LNG engines to operate its distribution service to McDonald’s restaurants in historic cities such as Rome, Milan and Florence at night or in the early morning.

The field test results indicate that the performance of the 13-liter LNG engine matches the performance of equally powerful diesel engines. Better still, the fuel efficiency is outstanding. According to Daniele Celere, HAVI’s Transport Manager in Italy: “These LNG engines have allowed us to cut fuel costs without affecting vehicle efficiency. We are absolutely delighted. The improvements are incredible.”

HAVI’s customers spend more time focusing on their customers knowing that their outlets are assured of 100% supply. Our distribution teams provide some of the most sophisticated supply and demand planning solutions in our industry.


With these solutions, we're equipped to build an incredibly accurate picture of the sales that our customers expect to make at each of their sales points. From here, our distribution teams respond by matching supply to demand, never allowing our customers to stock-out.

Assuring Supply Is Something We Take Very Seriously

Our distribution teams combine technology and creative thinking to develop innovative supply/demand planning solutions that assure 100% supply and help you to:


Focus on your customers at the counter, because we understand that crews need a reliable distribution partner to take the hassle out of managing stock.


Enjoy peace of mind on food safety because HAVI makes sure your cold chain is secure and your brand is protected.


Optimize distribution networks and maximize delivery accuracy using HAVI’s advanced supply demand and supply planning solutions.


Respond to your customers’ needs during promotions, seasonal cycles or contingencies by minimizing any risk that your outlets will run out of stock.

How Does A HAVI Fulfillment Center Work For You?

Our distribution teams use advanced analytics and statistics to make supply calculations that accurately take account of market and seasonal trends along with other factors such as public holidays, holiday seasons and customer promotions. Team members then use this information to drive our customers’ growth by ensuring their outlets always receive the product they need, whenever they need it – on time, every time.


Supply Chain Solutions That Deliver

At HAVI, we live daily by our mission to ‘Deliver the Promise’ to our customers and partners. With over 40 years of distribution service excellence, HAVI has grown to become one of the most trusted and reliable distribution companies in the world – serving global food service companies with dedication, accuracy and accountability in nearly every corner of the world. The supply chain channel is the lifeblood of any food service or quick service restaurant company. Simply put, your business can’t afford challenges and interruptions to fulfillment and distribution. HAVI’s progressive and proactive supply chain solutions mean you can relax while depending on HAVI to deliver.

From Management To Distribution Warehouse, Your Success is Our Number One Priority.

Every member of the HAVI team is committed to your success. We approach every customer need with responsibility, innovation, and collaboration. From senior analyst to transportation specialist and driver, each member of the HAVI distribution team is encouraged and supported to be accountable, adaptable and engaged with our customers and partners.

Committed To Sustainable And Efficient Distribution Practices

HAVI and world-wide transportation provider Scania recently announced a collaboration focused on reducing the carbon footprint of our transportation operations. The plan includes a five-year Alternative Fuel Roadmap for European operations. This is just one more way in which we continue to strive for excellence and leadership in the global logistics community.