Distribution Solutions for Foodservice

HAVI’s customers spend more time focusing on their customers knowing that their outlets are assured of 100% supply.


Our distribution teams provide some of the most sophisticated supply and demand planning solutions in our industry. With these solutions, we're equipped to build an incredibly accurate picture of the sales that our customers expect to make at each of their sales points. From here, our distribution teams respond by matching supply to demand, never allowing our customers to stock-out.

Assuring Supply Is Something We Take Very Seriously

Our distribution teams combine technology and creative thinking to develop innovative supply/demand planning solutions that assure 100% supply and help you to:


Focus on your customers at the counter, because we understand that crews need a reliable distribution partner to take the hassle out of managing stock.


Enjoy peace of mind on food safety because HAVI makes sure your cold chain is secure and your brand is protected.


Optimize distribution networks and maximize delivery accuracy using HAVI’s advanced supply demand and supply planning solutions.


Respond to your customers’ needs during promotions, seasonal cycles or contingencies by minimizing any risk that your outlets will run out of stock.

How Does A HAVI Fulfillment Center Work For You?

Our distribution teams use advanced analytics and statistics to make supply calculations that accurately take account of market and seasonal trends along with other factors such as public holidays, holiday seasons and customer promotions. Team members then use this information to drive our customers’ growth by ensuring their outlets always receive the product they need, whenever they need it – on time, every time.