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So, you have to ship 480 tons of beef from Buenos Aires to St. Petersburg? Or get 150 tons of chicken patties in special reefer containers to Japan? Perhaps you require origin consolidation of multiple temperature-controlled SKUs from different suppliers to one destination? No problem. Using state-of-the-art chilled and frozen technology to handle your time- and temperature-sensitive food and perishable goods, our Freight Management experts excel at solving exactly these types of challenges on your behalf.

Key Benefits: Freight Management

Our team of experts can help you to:


Rely on assured supply By water, land or air, we consistently achieve very high reliability with a clear focus on quality and assured supply. 


Scalable global network We move freight between over 100 countries supported by a scalable network of qualified, industry-leading partners.


Benefit from innovation We use the latest technology to optimize route planning and meet the highest levels of safety and reliability.


Simplify and consolidate Using advanced visibility tools, we can handle every step in the inbound logistics process – from source to delivery.

HAVI’s Freight Management Solutions

Working with strategic partners across our global network, we manage hundreds of thousands of freight moves every year safely and smoothly.  Well over half of these moves are temperature-controlled, making us the market leader in transporting temperature-sensitive consignments by road, water and air. With sustainability in mind, we offer multi-modal solutions that combine road/rail options to minimize environmental impact. Using advanced route planning, optimization and freight tracking technology, we train our team (or third party logistics providers) to deliver the highest professional standards.