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HAVI’s freight management teams excel at meeting the most challenging customer requirements. For example: perhaps you have to ship 480 tons of beef from Buenos Aires to St. Petersburg. Or transport 150 tons of chicken patties in special reefer containers to Japan. Maybe you require origin consolidation of multiple temperature-controlled SKUs from different suppliers to one destination. No problem. 

Making HAVI's Shipping Services Work For You

We work with strategic partners across our global network to manage hundreds of thousands of freight moves every year safely and smoothly. Well over half of these moves are temperature-controlled, making us the market leader in transporting temperature-sensitive consignments by road, water and air.

With the emphasis on sustainability, we offer multi-modal solutions that combine road/rail options to minimize environmental impact. Using advanced route planning, optimization and freight tracking technology, our team members (or third party logistics providers) consistently deliver the highest professional standards.



Using state-of-the-art chilled and frozen technology to handle your time- and temperature-sensitive food and perishable goods, our highly experienced freight management experts excel at solving unique transport challenges on your behalf.


Assured supply that focuses on guaranteeing food safety and quality combined with highly reliable water, land or air transportation. 


Our scalable global network is backed by industry-leading partners who meet our rigorous cold chain standards and allow us to move freight between over 100 countries.


Innovative thinking from a team of import and export specialists who use their local know-how to optimize route planning and meet the highest standards of safety and reliability.


Simplification and consolidation to handle every step of your inbound logistics process – from source to delivery – using advanced visibility tools.

Truly Global Logistics Solutions

When we say global, we mean global. China, Australia, Argentina, Germany, Singapore, Spain… Not a problem. HAVI has been moving freight securely in over 100 countries across the globe for more than three decades. Over the years, we have maintained and continue to develop strategic transportation relationships and partnerships while growing our own global footprint. Our goal is to ensure that your global freight management logistics are managed seamlessly to support your business needs.

Delivering Stable, Agile, Cost-Effective Transport Logistics

HAVI’s transport logistics team is here to serve you with a full team of experienced logistics managers offering advanced technical solutions. Need to move fresh product for a limited time offer? We can help. Want to be sure your transport logistics provider has contingency plans for keeping your supply moving? Look no further. Need to optimize your transportation and distribution network? HAVI is committed to improving your transportation efficiencies.

HAVI can help you create a more stable, agile and cost-effective supply chain with fully integrated end-to-end planning and real time data. We are fully prepared to handle possible transport disruptions such as production delays, severe weather, foreign holidays, and even labor strikes. At every step, we continuously focus on saving time and resources, reducing cost and protecting your brand. Our customers benefit from our detailed understanding of the unique challenges of doing business in your sector. We understand that fast turnaround times are essential to staying competitive and whatever the challenges, we will face them together.

More About Our Freight Management Success Story

Quality First: Achieving ISO Accreditation In Record Time

”Quality has always been a priority for HAVI and every day we deliver it to our customers. The fact that our team achieved accreditation in record-breaking time shows that we already have great quality management systems in place today. The work will continue across other areas of the freight management business. ”Tom Forrer, Managing Director,  Asia Pacific Freight Management, Logistics, commenting on HAVI’s internationally recognized ISO 9001:2015 certification for freight management in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.


Going Greener: Consistently Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We invest significant time and resources into reducing the impact of our freight management operations. And the good news is that our sustainability strategy is paying off.

In 2016, for example, STI (Deutschland) GmbH, a subsidiary of logistics service provider STI Freight Management, significantly cut its carbon footprint by completely digitizing its road transport scheduling. This reduction – a great example of HAVI’s commitment to living the principles of sustainable business – is even more remarkable given that the business also increased its freight volumes.

We are confident that the measures we have put in place during 2017 will continue to reduce our carbon footprint even further. That’s good news for HAVI, our customers – and our planet.