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HAVI’s track record in cold chain logistics speaks for itself when it comes to consistently assuring 100% supply to our customers. Whether we are procuring goods on your behalf or managing your suppliers from around the world, we can buy, transport, store and deliver your chosen products while guaranteeing the very highest standards of quality and food safety.

When it comes to logistics services, our HAVI team works tirelessly with one aim in mind: to equip our customers to serve their customers, on time, every time. This customer focus has earned us the trust as a partner to some of the world’s most respected global and local brands in the quick service restaurant, convenience and retail industries. 

As such, we understand that being a trusted logistics service provider in food service distribution demands world-class sourcing know-how, cross-border trade knowledge, advanced supply/demand forecasting, state-of-the-art logistics centers and a specialized delivery fleet to help you keep your supply chain – and your business – moving forward.

Logistics: The Big Picture

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Logistics Services That Let You Focus On Your Customers

Our philosophy for over 40 years has been very simple: to Deliver The Promise. We believe that to earn your trust as a logistics services provider, we need to do what we said we would do so that your business is successful.

HAVI Is A Global Leader Amongst Logistics Companies

HAVI prides itself on being at the forefront of innovation and excellence in procurement, warehousing, distribution, freight and transportation management. We are fully committed to creating partnerships with our customers that drive success. Our unique business model gives you strategic control of your products knowing that your logistics processes are fully managed to work smarter and better for your business.



”By partnering with HAVI, we will create a supply chain system that not only provides comprehensive tools for managing our daily transactions, but also transforms that data into information we can use for our Members. We will be able to streamline multiple processes, allowing us to focus on more strategic activities. It also allows us to deliver on the promise of supply chain visibility from farm to fork.”Dustin Pittman Chief Financial Officer at Centralized Supply Chain Services, LLC. (Purchasing Co-op for Applebee's and IHOP)