Maintaining your brand in the face of change
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The market never stands still. Competitors catch up or push ahead. Consumer needs and sentiment change quickly, and if you’re not paying attention, you won’t know. And maintaining rigorous standards over time can be a challenge. At HAVI, we take a disciplined, analytical approach to in-market services, making sure impactful packaging keeps its impact.

Key Benefits: In-Market

HAVI’s in-market services can help you to:


Stay ahead of competitors with deep market intelligence.


Drive continuous improvement in packaging across your supply chain.


Protect your brand by measuring the impact of your packaging.

HAVI’s In-Market Services and Products

Because we take a holistic approach to packaging, we’re uniquely positioned to measure its impact at every stage in its lifecycle: that’s part of what makes HAVI unique. Our in-market services combine analytics, creativity and subject-matter expertise to ensure you’re keeping up, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business: