Data Integration

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Good data is the foundation of actionable analytics and insights. With decades of industry experience, HAVI uniquely understands the complexity of restaurant data.

The HAVI marketing analytics and technology teams specialize in:

  • Understanding the unique aspects of and integrating foodservice and other retail data
  • Ingesting data from multiple POS systems
  • Collecting and analyzing data in many forms
  • Creating a single source of data truth shared across the both the demand side and supply chain side of the enterprise

Each client is unique. Our experts will develop a customized plan to clean, integrate and standardize your data to drive insights and results.

Data Cleansing

We understand that your data can be messy and disparate. While you have many owned locations, many franchised locations or both, brands must often contend with multiple POS systems and different extraction techniques. Without expertise in-house, it can be difficult for operators to clean data effectively and efficiently. HAVI has the tools, integrated solutions and imputation techniques to take this burden off your shoulders.

Data Mapping & Data Transformation

Data mapping is a complex exercise that requires deep technical and vertical expertise. HAVI has been working with restaurant and food industry data for over 40 years, so we have seen it all. Our proprietary mapping schemes and techniques will help prime your data for advanced modeling results. After mapping, we can perform quick data transformations using our distributed cloud computing capabilities and infrastructure. 

Information Security Program

Dedicated to keeping your data protected and secure

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customers’ critical data sets. Our Information Security Program is focused on protecting customer data in the delivery, transfer and ongoing management processes associated with services provided.