Marketing ROI

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New marketing channels and touchpoints have resulted in an explosion of marketing data. Like other C-suite executives, today’s CMO is held increasingly accountable to use that data to track, report and continually improve ROI. But many marketing teams lack the time, expertise and resources to make sense of all the data and accurately measure what works and what doesn’t. 

Our team has been measuring the ROI of restaurant industry promotions and LTOs for decades. HAVI understands the expectations on CMOs and is a leader in delivering action-oriented recommendations and results that improve ROI.

Our team of experts offers a range of analytic services for measuring ROI to quickly assess historic performance and translate that into opportunities to improve future marketing ROI.

How to Calculate ROI

HAVI starts from the beginning, helping you to understand each step in the process of calculating marketing ROI. Our team of data science experts first identifies your baseline, or the expected business results in absence of marketing activity. Next, we provide a clear picture of the lifts, the marketing results that sit on top of these baselines, and translate them into a clear diagnosis of marketing attribution. 

With enough clean and consistent data over time, you can tease out the impact from each of the concurrent promotions to establish the attribution of each event and measure ROI.

Segmentation Analytics

Segmentation analytics can be a key driver of improving your marketing ROI. By grouping your restaurants or customers by shared characteristics, you can: ­

  • better assess differences in performance ­
  • better forecast reactions to future marketing events ­
  • more accurately plan for supply to meet demand

HAVI specializes in macro and micro segmentations using advanced clustering and statistical techniques.