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You move inventory from one fixed point to another. But in between, everything changes constantly: prices, promotions, channel mixes, product mixes and customer expectations are always in flux. Having a supply network that adapts quickly to supply and demand fluctuations has never mattered more. That’s precisely the kind of supply network HAVI can help you build.   

Key Optimization Benefits

By optimizing your supply chain, we can help you to:


Lower logistics costs through optimized distribution routes across the supply chain.


Reduce financial risks associated with product flow disruptions, overages or shortages.


Utilize supply chain assets and reduce costs without opening or closing additional fixed locations.


Improve visibility into distribution activity across the supply chain, enabling fact-based decisions.

HAVI’s Optimization Solutions

HAVI lets you leverage your supply chain as a competitive advantage. Using technology, data, processes and communication, we help build and continuously fine-tune truly dynamic supply chains. Our services range from managing scheduling and inventory targets, to optimizing inventory policies across the supply chain, to designing and configuring your overall supply network.