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At HAVI, we’re experts in creating packaging designs that optimally balance form, function, aesthetics and cost. But more than that, we’re problem solvers. We believe in the power of smarter, more creative packaging to solve problems and generate value.

Collaborating with HAVI enables you to:

  • Solve business problems with cutting-edge packaging expertise
  • Grow brand equity and increase sales through compelling, research-driven product packaging that meets consumers’ real needs
  • Balance packaging quality, cost, and features, and manage complexity across geographic regions
  • Continuously improve and optimize packaging through a cycle of research, design, testing, and relentless improvement
  • Realize value from your packaging across the supply chain, from logistics, to in-store, to end of life

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Your packaging contains more than your products. It holds the key to better business results across your entire supply chain. With the right vision and end-to-end expertise, your packaging can become a competitive advantage.

Product packaging that drives performance

Packaging design combines art and science. Packaging must protect the product and survive the rigors of transport and delivery. It must be attractive, and persuasive, to customers buying and using the product. Quality must be achieved at a reasonable cost. And in an era where the environment is front of mind, sustainable packaging is fast evolving from a nice-to-have into a must-have.

HAVI offers a powerful set of capabilities that meet all these requirements. From consumer insights that fuel concept development, to packaging sourcing, through to sustainability and end-of-life, we create quality packaging that delivers value across the entire product lifecycle.


Many of the world’s leading brands trust HAVI for their packaging needs:

  • World-class systems & processes that have helped support brands increase their product packaging performance.  
  • Multi-disciplinary project teams approach your packaging programs holistically. Subject matter experts address your specific packaging requirements, while our technology partner network scours the globe for the right combination of products and materials. 
  • Expert supply chain management addresses the complexity of packaging development and sourcing, helps control costs and deliver consistently high quality packaging. We ensure operations are reliable and source from viable, competitive manufacturers, all while keeping up with the latest innovations. 
  • Proactive quality control and safety practices identify vulnerabilities in your packaging ecosystem and help mitigate the chance of a costly brand-damaging event.

Custom packaging that builds brands

Your packaging is more than paper, plastic, or metal: it’s a critical brand touchpoint. You wouldn’t launch a product without exhaustive consumer research, so why wouldn’t you research the packaging your product comes in? Managing your packaging on a transactional level can often result in missed opportunities to grow your brand.

HAVI has a strong record of accomplishment in building brands through packaging. Before we start concepting or designing, we work to uncover hidden opportunities and consumer needs. Building research into the packaging concept development process provides a foundation for transforming your packaging from purely functional to a powerful brand statement:

  • Custom research design helps to ensure your product packaging is compelling, competitive, and on-brand – and it’s something many other packaging companies can’t do.
  • Leveraging primary and secondary research helps us find the critical insights that can make the difference between an also-ran and a category leader. 
  • Linking consumer research to your target audience ensures that packaging concept development meets your goals and market needs. 

Delivering where other packaging companies can’t

What makes HAVI unique is our supply chain orientation, our global network of material and converting partners and our ability to work as flexibly as you need us to.

Other packaging companies can create a packaging concept and design it. However, there are many ways HAVI can deliver for your business that few, if any, of our competitors can match. Here are just some:


  • Conducting proprietary research. Other packaging companies are limited in their ability to conduct proprietary research for you (if they can do it at all). HAVI, by contrast, can design research and carry it out for you. We can synthesize insights from a range of primary and secondary sources to inform the best possible packaging. 
  • Filling the pipeline of technologies and solutions. Staying best-in-class requires a steady stream of best-in-class ideas. HAVI can help not only fill the pipeline of ideas, but turn those ideas into innovative product packaging. We’re proud of our record of making new technologies commercially viable, while balancing our customers’ brand and operational goals.  
  • Overcoming infrastructure limitations. Legacy technology and materials can stifle innovation. That’s why HAVI maintains an array of global suppliers and manufacturers, so we’re always free to choose those that will deliver best solution for you. 
  • Flexible engagement. Other packaging companies restrict or limit how they will work with you. We don’t. HAVI provides flexible engagement models that can be customized to your needs. We’re always willing to tailor our arrangements to assist you with achieving your objectives.

Packaging: The Big Picture

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