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Your packaging holds more than your products. It holds the power to create value.

You already know that packaging creates critical first impressions for consumers. But packaging decisions have impacts across the supply chain: every interaction with your packaging is either driving efficiencies or creating missed opportunities. 

At HAVI, we’re experts in creating packaging designs that optimally balance form, function, aesthetics and cost. But more than that, we’re problem solvers. We believe in the power of smarter, more creative packaging to solve problems and generate value, letting you:  


Realize savings through reduced materials usage or reduced rates of product spoilage.


Create efficiencies through packaging solutions that streamline distribution, storage, or staff workflows.


Increase customer satisfaction with better-presented and higher-quality products.


Improve positioning and drive sales with distinctive designs and uniform graphic standards.

Packaging: The Big Picture

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How HAVI Delivers in Packaging

At HAVI, we’re uniquely positioned to envision every aspect of your product’s journey through the supply chain and create packaging that will grow your brand.  From concept development, to production, to the market, through to end-of-life, HAVI offers a powerful set of capabilities:

“We were very impressed with HAVI in the reporting, execution and national account management in the waste services category. We wanted to mirror how they manage other large national accounts, and push our supply chain.” Large Retail Chain Customer January 1, 2016