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At HAVI, we’re typically among the first to identify emerging packaging innovation. And when we find the next big thing, we build a targeted pipeline of solutions that takes full advantage of new technologies, materials, processes, and services.

We can help you activate and commercialize that pipeline to fulfill your unique customer and market needs, faster, better, cheaper, and more sustainably than ever before.

Packaging Technology: Future Platforms

To identify packaging technology, you must know where that technology is likely to emerge, and take a proactive approach to nurturing it. With our view of global supply chains, we’re uniquely positioned to see opportunities first.

HAVI merges insights from the latest consumer demands, applications from technology trends within the marketplace, and a strategic approach based on specific business drivers to find emerging technologies that will transform the packaging industry.  From these insights we have identified four key platforms from which to foster emerging packaging technology.

Value-added Sustainable Fibers: Consumers and brand owners want sustainable packaging solutions with an environmentally-positive beginning and end of life. Plant and tree fibers offer an abundant, versatile, and renewable backbone for emerging sustainable materials. Some examples include:

  • Strength additives
  • Bio processing to reduce energy and water
  • Barrier treatments and coatings
  • Foaming to lighten and insulate
  • High-speed molding for shape distinction

Specialized Surfaces: For consumers, the package surface is a key interaction point. Surface technologies can enhance that experience through improved performance, functionality, and sensory appeal.  Some examples of specialized surfaces are:

  • Reactive materials
  • Emerging decoration techniques and processes
  • Surface modification and patterning
  • Sensors and printable electronics
  • Haptics

Enhancing Convenience: Novel packaging technologies and services help food providers meet increasing consumer expectations for convenience, quality, and satisfaction with prepared foods. Opportunities in this space include:

  • Intuitive functionality and convenience through novel design and emerging materials
  • Product expansion into new markets enabled by packaging
  • Operations simplification driven by packaging systems and services
  • Enhanced product experience through technology-enabled features like self-heating and cooling.

Smart Packaging In the Supply Chain: Visibility is an increasingly critical supply chain issue. Better visibility helps you move product innovation to market faster, address demanding regulatory requirements, manage emerging brand risks, and outpace competitors. Smart packaging will provide new opportunities to improve visibility into your supply chain:

  • Smart packaging will allow data generation and collection, enabling data management services useful through the entire supply chain.
  • With integrated sensors, electronics, and reactive materials, you’ll be able to monitor and understand the conditions and location of your product anywhere in the supply chain.

A Network of Research and Development Partners

In packaging innovation, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. HAVI has a wide network of partnerships for innovation throughout the research and development community and across the packaging supply chain. These technology and innovation stakeholders are at the heart of our packaging process.

We work with technology owners, material suppliers and converters, and consumer brand owners. Each of these stakeholders brings exciting insights and ideas, and the sharing of those ideas benefits everyone involved:

Technology Owners

  • Maintain IP ownership
  • Maximize return
  • Non-limiting market strategy

Material Suppliers/Converters

  • Sharing of risk
  • Diversification of client base

Consumer Brand Owners

  • Accelerated innovation
  • Lower innovation cost

It’s our job to envision how our partners’ rich knowledge base might drive a new generation of applications and packaging concept development. HAVI brings all this expertise together, providing commercialization services, end-to-end technology support, material development and testing, and process innovation.

Product Commercialization That Turns Innovation into ROI

However brilliant an innovation, it must ultimately be commercially viable and deliver a difference in packaging quality, operational effectiveness, consumer experience or sustainability. To unlock the value of these ideas, you need a partner skilled in product commercialization.

The product commercialization process is a partnership leveraging, best practices, operational expertise, and our global resource network to accelerate technologies and solutions to the market.

At HAVI, we’ve adopted a customized stage gate approach. We focus on developing an early proof of concept that balances risk and speed to market, driving value for each individual stakeholder. We have a variety of models we can leverage to assist you with commercializing your offering:

  • Driving sales through solution partners and the HAVI supply chain network
  • Controlling direct sale relationship to core HAVI clients
  • Licensing agreements and resale agreements based on technology and targeted channels

Innovation is part of our DNA. We are passionate about finding strategic solutions that advance how our customers do business. We look beyond today’s status quo, seeking out the solutions that will enable our customers to accelerate past competitors. If you’re ready to take your innovation from concept to a commercially viable solution, HAVI is ready to help you get there.