Sustainable Packaging

For packaging, the end is just the beginning
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Without sustainable packaging, it’s hard for a brand to maintain a reputation for environmental and product stewardship. And sustainability matters to the consumers buying your products, and the stakeholders watching your operations. But for many businesses, sustainable packaging is not a core area of expertise.

HAVI creates sustainable packaging programs that benefit the world without costing the earth. As part of our wider packaging offering, our team can help set your organization’s sustainability goals, and help you meet them. We apply in-depth knowledge of your customers,  manufacturing, and global supply chains to help you:

  • Protect your brand by addressing the safe and sustainable disposal of packaging.
  • Reduce costs by building the total cost of design into packaging decisions, including end-of-life.
  • Advance sustainable packaging goals and show measurable sustainability improvements to stakeholders.

Benefits of Green Packaging

Green packaging must balance a wide range of stakeholder interests. Consumers want packaging that’s sustainable, attractive, functional, and ensures a quality product. Your workforce wants packaging that is easy to transport, store, and use. Your shareholders want packaging that doesn’t put a dent in the bottom line. Plus, there’s government regulation, retailer demand, and competitive pressure to consider.

Our packaging experts understand how to balance these complex, conflicting demands. We have extensive experience developing, sourcing and managing sustainable, quality packaging to delight all stakeholders.

Functional Benefits

Sustainable packaging can reinforce your brand and improve your business by:

  • Reducing the amount of packaging used in your operations
  • Integrating renewable and recyclable materials
  • Ensuring materials used in your fiber packaging is sourced from responsibly managed forests
  • Raising consumer awareness about your organization's commitments to sustainability

Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) & Brand Benefits

The advantages of sustainable packaging are wide-ranging and HAVI can help you:

  • Appeal to consumers who are environmentally conscious
  • Document environmental benefits for organizational reporting
  • Avoid brand risk by proactively managing emerging environmental and safety concerns
  • Develop effective, achievable sustainability strategies for the management of your packaging

Sustainable Product Stewardship

To meet the legal and moral standards of product stewardship that stakeholders demand, it’s critical to be transparent and accountable. HAVI helps you define your key product stewardship goals in measurable ways. We then help you reduce their footprint across the product life cycle, so you can meet your goals and demonstrate your sustainability commitments.We start with the manufacturing process, helping you find ways to reduce energy consumption and materials consumption, minimize waste and the creation of toxic substances, and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and damage to air and water.

A particular focus for many packaging companies is establishing a transparent Chain of Custody for fiber raw materials. A key part of many corporate social responsibility strategies, a Chain of Custody for fiber raw materials mitigates risk and ensures sustainability benefits are realized. HAVI is a leader in the management of responsible fiber sourcing. From forest to mill to consumer, we monitor and manage the process, ensuring that all fiber is sourced from certified, responsibly managed forests.