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Meeting your customers’ demands has never been harder. Today’s consumers expect more: more variety, more personalization and greater convenience. To keep up, demand and supply plans must be flexible and responsive, even as supply chains grow increasingly complex. With decades of experience in evolving supply chains, HAVI can help you transform your planning to meet the demands of tomorrow. 

Key Planning Benefits:

Our planning expertise can help you to:


Deliver sales targets while avoiding overages or shortages in supply.


Grow your business by streamlining new product launches and limited time offers.


Increase efficiency and reduce costs with supply plans based on accurate demand predictions.


Manage supply chain disruptions or erratic customer behavior with forward scenario planning.

HAVI’s Planning Solutions

HAVI provides a full range of planning solutions including demand and supply planning, Limited Time Offer (LTO) management, control tower planning and visibility services. We apply the most advanced and robust processes and expertise wherever needed, from a single category to your entire supply chain.