November 1, 2014

New DC in Croatia starts cross-border distribution for Slovenia

Throughout the last couple of months we have worked intensively on the transition of our distribution services for the 16 Slovenian restaurants from our DC in Korneuburg (Vienna, Austria) to our newly opened DC in Zagreb (Croatia).

It is a pleasure for us to announce that from November 1st, 2014, our DC in Zagreb took over full responsibility for serving the Slovenian restaurants. Earlier this year (July 4th) we moved from the old DC, which had become far too small, to the new (rented) DC, located in a brand new Logistics Park close to Zagreb.

After consolidation and while doing the assortment harmonization between Slovenia and Croatia our teams in Austria and Croatia worked on new route plans, customer agreements and human resources issues. Finally, all preparations were finished and the hot phase of transition started. After the last loadings in Korneuburg all remaining stock was transported to Zagreb, where the first picking had already started.

On Saturday, November 1st the Croatian team performed the first seven deliveries with a 100% on-time rate and 100% delivery reliability. Meanwhile these additional 16 restaurants (meaning an 80% increase in existing Croatian business) are completely integrated into the daily business of our team in Zagreb.

With this important step we once again prove that HAVI Logistics always seeks out the most efficient logistics solutions for our customers. By the time the business case for the border cross distribution between Austria and Slovenia had been presented, it was clear that this would be an interim solution until Croatia joins the European Union. Now, after seven years of delivering significant benefits to the Slovenian McDonald´s organization by doing cross-border distribution from Korneuburg, we are proud to be able to deliver even more benefits than before to our customers in both Slovenia and Croatia.

These results would not have been possible without both teams’ (Austria and Croatia) exemplary motivation, passion and perseverance. A big thank you on behalf of the Group for all their contributions!