Our One-Stop Buying Solution Helps You Optimize Quality and Cost
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We offer a one-stop solution that gives you the freedom to source the products that deliver your brand promise. Every HAVI customer makes a unique brand promise that articulates what they offer their customers – in their restaurants, at their convenience counters or in their retail outlets. Delivering on this promise is fundamental to winning the public’s trust and attracting people’s business.


But to keep their side of the promise, food services brands also need the freedom to buy the products of their choice while managing costs. This is where HAVI is different to a typical wholesaler. That’s because we offer customers the much-needed flexibility and transparency to choose where they source from and who they buy from while we take care of the rest. Our one-stop solution also simplifies supplier management and helps you to strike the critical balance between price and quality – without compromising on either.


Our teams support you by managing all your procurement processes, taking ownership of inventory and managing a one order/one delivery/one invoice solution that delivers significant benefits.


Enjoy freedom of choice to source and buy the products that will deliver your brand promise while balancing price with quality. 


Achieve 100% transparency with the visibility we provide when anticipating how much product to procure and when.


Maximize inventory control and enjoy the working capital benefits that our goods ownership models offer by outsourcing your procurement.


Balance quality and price by letting our sourcing teams negotiate the best possible costs based on specifications agreed with you.

Achieve Greater Choice In Your Procurement Process

Customers worldwide – including some of today’s most prominent brands – rely on us to act as a one-stop source of procurement expertise. Integrating procurement activities into your supply chain from the start consistently delivers measurable benefits, allowing businesses like yours to enjoy the full benefit of our end-to-end logistics expertise.


How Our Innovative Procurement Solutions Benefit Our Customers

Our procurement experts love a challenge – especially when it comes to finding smart ways to solve the challenges facing our customers. Recently, for example, one of our customers – a globally recognized foodservice brand – faced a two-part problem. First: its storage and operational costs were too high. To make matters worse, it also had to place minimum orders with suppliers. This placed even more pressure on its storage space, which was already limited and extensive. 

Immediate Benefits

In response, our procurement teams spent over a year perfecting a new procurement model that solves these problems by storing the customer’s product more cheaply in a neighboring territory then making deliveries from there. The benefits were immediate. The customer now enjoys lower costs and higher savings combined with greater flexibility when sourcing, buying and storing goods from suppliers. The new model has also streamlined the customer’s internal processes, making it simpler to transfer stock between the two territories and replenish its stores on time.

Intensive Preparation

Behind this success story lies months of intensive preparation and close collaboration between HAVI and the customer. Because the new model requires cross-border customs clearance, it took almost a full year to introduce it to customs and other authorities. Working through the customs procedures was also challenging. But our procurement teams worked hard to build trust between everyone involved in implementing the new model, paying particular attention to ensuring customs officials understood exactly what the solution entailed.

Growing Together

The customer was so impressed by the early success of our new model that it asked us to carry out a feasibility study into applying equally innovative procurement models to other areas of its business in the region. This case study is a perfect example of how HAVI works hand-in-hand with customers to develop solutions that help us both achieve and exceed our growth ambitions. Together.