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For professionals, HAVI offers a chance to work with the best. Our customers operate some of the world’s most respected supply chains. Our people are more than just experts; they’re collaborators, independent thinkers, problem solvers, communicators, and leaders. And we’re committed to helping each and every one of those people build their careers.

Professional Jobs

A growing global business with more than 10,000 employees, HAVI serves customers in over 100 countries. 

We employ a large and incredibly diverse workforce around the world, in roles spanning our service lines of Marketing Analytics, Packaging, Supply Chain Management and Logistics as well as roles in such key functions such Sales, IT, HR and Finance.

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Drawing on an array of data and analytical techniques, HAVI’s analytics team helps to solve our customers’ knottiest business problems. Whether you’re working on the large-scale optimization of transportation networks, or digging into consumer insights, at HAVI you’ll have the chance to:


Use the best and most advanced tools from up-and-coming companies.


Broaden your skills with internal and external networking opportunities and presentations.


Give back to the community with meaningful pro bono analytics work for charities.

Supply Chain Management

Our world-class customer base and global footprint make working at HAVI an exciting opportunity for supply chain professionals. You’ll join a passionate and collegial team that drives value for customers around the world, and enjoy boundless opportunities: 


Wide range of roles from forecasting, to supply planning, promotions planning, project management, and technology


Work with the best, including the world’s most respected supply chains and supply chain experts


Tackle global problems for world-renowned brands

Benefits of Working With HAVI

Whatever your role in the organization, HAVI prides itself on being a place where you can develop professionally and build a long-term career. 


Meaningful career growth through long-term career planning, certifications, and skills training


Impactful work that touches the lives of millions of consumers worldwide 


Competitive pay and benefits in every country where we operate


A supportive work environment with great people, a solid work-life balance and an ethic  of teamwork

What Our Employees Say

“It’s about world class people working together every single day. I love being able to work with so many talented and highly driven people, who are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience with you.” Tony Chamoun Senior Head of Strategic Sourcing, Packaging Technology Integrated Solutions