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Sustainable, end-to-end waste management solutions that drive savings and protect your company’s brand
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How well does your company know its waste stream?

Many companies invest in analyzing their supply chains and understanding how raw materials are sourced. Yet when it comes to waste, many companies simply don’t know how much packaging, supplies, food waste or even hazardous materials are being thrown away daily. 

That lack of visibility into waste can create serious legal, financial and reputational risks for your brand—as well as waste and missed opportunities for savings.

HAVI boasts some of the world’s leading experts in analyzing and managing the whole supply chain, including recycling, waste, and sustainability issues. We partner with many of the world’s biggest brands in order to: 

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How HAVI Delivers in Recycling & Waste

HAVI can provide solutions for every waste and recycling need.  We have the management talent, creativity, and specialist skill to deliver improved performance and better results in recycling and waste. We have unique capabilities in this area:

”We were very impressed with HAVI in the reporting, execution, and national account management in the waste services category. We wanted to mirror how they manage other large national accounts, and push our supply chain.”HAVI customer Large retail chain