Taking the guesswork out of supply chain sourcing
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As supply chains become ever more complex, managing sourcing, spend and suppliers is a growing challenge. It takes a strategic, dynamic sourcing approach, and a great deal of expertise, to find cost savings. We help manage every aspect of your sourcing, helping to ensure you’re finding the efficiencies that drive profit.

Key Sourcing Benefits

Our sourcing expertise can help you to:


Deliver savings targets by finding and executing on cost savings measures.


Find efficiencies by using advanced, online tools to streamline strategic sourcing.


Reduce risk with improved supplier, contract, and spend visibility and compliance.


Drive collaboration across supplier networks with greater transparency and fact-based decision-making.

HAVI’s Sourcing Solutions

HAVI takes the guesswork and ambiguity out of sourcing. We can help you make better sourcing and supply chain decisions, by putting the most accurate and timely data at your fingertips.