Supply Chain Management

Enabling your supply chain to support cost efficient growth
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The pressures on supply chain management to drive business efficiencies and top-line growth are increasing at a faster pace than ever before. Whether it’s more effective promotions, optimized supply lines, improved traceability, end-to-end visibility, or more efficient purchasing operations, HAVI’s supply chain management experts and suite of solutions can help address your unique challenges and opportunities.

HAVI offers world-leading expertise in analyzing and optimizing the whole supply chain, from commodity to customer. We partner with many of the world’s biggest brands to strengthen their supply chains. We can help your company:


Drive revenue growth by delivering the right products, to the right customers, on time, every time. 


Gain end-to-end control and visibility of your supply chain to enable smart business decisions based on a single source of truth.


Improve ROI by reducing costs, improving quality and enabling responsible financial management of assets.


Manage risk by reducing complexity, improving supplier performance and managing inventory.


We craft point and end-to-end supply chain solutions based on your unique challenges. With a range of bundled and stand-alone supply chain consulting, managed services and platform options, HAVI has the flexibility to meet your needs, no matter where your business is headed. Look to HAVI to support your business growth with:

  • Supply and Demand Planning — Creating consistent and reliable forecasts to drive a system wide demand plan
  • Analytics — Leveraging the power of Big Data to drive detailed analysis of LTOs, optimal pricing and S&OP processes
  • Visibility — Systems and tools to drive an understanding of end-to-end inventory and spend activities
  • Strategic Sourcing, Contract and Pricing Administration — Technology that streamlines the entire sourcing and procurement process
  • Traceability — Fully understanding the flow of goods throughout the supply chain — a key first step in food safety initiatives
  • Network Assessment and Design — Analysis and consulting to drive optimal placement of distribution and manufacturing locations through every node in the supply chain — a key driver to efficient transportation costs.
  • Data Integration Services — Driving the consolidation, cleansing and mapping of data to enable optimal data modeling, analysis and supply chain planning


See how HAVI’s accurate forecasting and supply chain management solutions help a quick service restaurant (QSR) chain reduce inventory by 97 percent and save $2 million year-over-year during a limited-time promotion.


In-Depth Supply Chain Management (SCM) Expertise

HAVI has the management talent and experience to transform your entire supply chain from the inside out: 

Data Management as a Core Enabler

Data management capabilities can set you apart from the competition. Your information framework can give you a single, universal view into the state of your supply chain, in a meaningful format, so that you can make and execute smart business decisions.

Our SCM data management services and technology solutions are backed by a team of analytics and data integration experts. We partner with you to ensure that your data and the supporting system are working to inform your supply chain management decisions in efficient and smart ways.

Supply Chain Management: The Big Picture

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