Supply Chain Data Management

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With more data than ever at your fingertips, how can you make sure you have the right supply chain data management framework to help deliver the insights you need to make truly informed decisions? With decades of experience transforming data for global supply chains, HAVI has the in-depth knowledge and expertise to give you the support you need.

Supply Chain Data Management for Actionable Insights

Supply chain data management is the foundation for smart supply chain decisions, but can be a very complex task. With our in-depth expertise of enabling data for some of the largest supply chains in the world, HAVI can help you:

  • Get to your single source of truth for predictive and prescriptive analysis and planning
  • Improve supply chain visibility and transparency with consistent, reliable end-to-end data
  • Improve collaboration with both internal and external parties
  • Reduce administrative labor
  • Improve efficiencies with inventory monitoring
  • Create an efficient process for leveraging data from external trading partners
  • Improve your supply chain risk management capabilities

Data Integration Solutions

Whether your data is coming from disparate data sources internally or externally from various supply chain partners, HAVI’s data integration experts will work with you prepare your data for optimal supply chain data modeling, analysis and supply chain planning. Our data experts have deep expertise working with the complexities involved in supply chain data management; including working with multiple POS data systems and different extraction techniques.

  • Consolidate and cleanse data from disparate data sources
  • Map data and create the information framework specific to your needs that informs supply chain decisions
  • Develop models and systems that capture information in a timely manner and set the foundation for analytics, visibility and data-driven decision making

Supply Chain Data Quality

For our data management professionals, it’s all in a day’s work to ensure supply chain data quality. We understand that good quality data is an enabler for supply chain analytics, planning, visibility and information sharing needs. We will work with you to establish data standards, define “item” characteristics and their locations, or cross-match transactional data across different sources to ensure data quality.

Foodservice GS1 US Standard Initiative

HAVI is a member of Foodservice GS1 US Standard Initiative, and we are committed to improving transparency, operational efficiencies, traceability and food safety.

Information Security Program

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customers’ critical data sets. Our Information Security Program is focused on protecting customer data in the delivery, transfer and ongoing management processes associated with services provided.