Supply Chain Optimization

Problem-solving for a world of continuous change
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Supply chain optimization is no easy task and is never ending. You move inventory from one fixed point to another. But in between, everything changes constantly: prices, promotions, channel mixes, product mixes and customer expectations are always in flux. Having a supply network that adapts quickly to supply and demand fluctuations has never mattered more. That’s precisely the kind of supply network HAVI can help you build.

Enabling your Supply Chain Strategy

Your supply chain strategy is a key element to your business’ competitive advantage. The path to delivering on that strategy is specific to your business, and HAVI is uniquely qualified to support your needs. Our team of trusted advisors stay on top of best-in-class practices and ever-changing market dynamics, which translates into making the right connections to achieve your strategic growth objectives.

We can help you:


Lower logistics costs through optimized distribution routes across the supply chain.


Reduce financial risks associated with product flow disruptions, overages or shortages.


Utilize supply chain assets and reduce costs without opening or closing additional fixed locations.


Improve visibility into distribution activity across the supply chain, enabling fact-based decisions.

Solutions for an Optimized and Integrated Supply Chain

HAVI’s solutions for an optimized and integrated supply chain ensure you will better leverage key network assets to their fullest, enabling adjustments to events and changing market conditions across product, marketing and supply chain. Our services include:

  • Asset and Network Utilization Analysis
  • Contingency Planning
  • Dynamic Network Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Network Assessment
  • Network Design and Configuration
  • Restaurant Simulation
  • Sourcing Optimization
  • Supply Chain Strategy Consulting
  • Transportation Optimization

Whitepaper | Dynamic Supply Chain Network Optimization: 7 Step Methodology

Dynamic Network Design and Management is the key to greater visibility and provides for the agility needed in today’s landscape. Learn about the seven steps all companies should consider when implementing a dynamic supply chain network.

Putting our Global Supply Chain Experience to Work

We have been optimizing and transforming the most complex global supply chains of leading brands for 40+ years. HAVI’s supply chain optimization consultants and analysts will work with you to enable your supply chain strategy by helping you build and continuously fine-tune a truly dynamic supply chain. We will partner with you to deliver on your supply chain strategy so that your integrated network will enable faster adaption of supply and demand changes, lower costs and greater agility in the face of disasters and disruptions.