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Today’s consumers expect more: more variety, more personalization and greater convenience. To keep up, supply chain planning processes must be data driven, flexible and responsive, even as supply chains grow increasingly complex. With decades of experience in evolving supply chains of leading brands, HAVI can help you transform your supply chain planning efforts to meet ever-changing consumer demands now and into the future.

Getting it right with Demand-Driven Supply Chain Planning

HAVI’s supply chain planning solutions help businesses gain alignment across internal functions and with external trading partners. Imagine a world where Marketing and Supply Chain are working collaboratively – no more guessing what others are doing. This saves time and frees up cash for other initiatives. Our planning analysts and data scientists can help you:


Improve forecasting accuracy while avoiding overages or shortages in supply.


Grow your business by streamlining new product launches and limited time offers.


Reduce total costs by solving complex problems associated with accurate demand predictions.


Manage supply chain disruptions or erratic customer behavior with forward scenario planning.


The link between supply and demand planning is key to serving your customers in the most efficient way. The value to you is significant and enables you to reduce waste, improve accuracy and give you the confidence that you will achieve hard savings and drive profitable growth.

HAVI provides a full range of solutions for supply and demand planning. From a single category to your entire supply chain, HAVI’s supply chain planning suite of services can be delivered through a project- based consulting project, hosted/managed services or software tools. Our full range of services can be customized to meet your specific needs in:

  • Event-based planning for one view of demand, assured supply for limited time offers (LTOs) and item introductions
  • DC-level Planning for weekly demand and supply planning for all items
  • Restaurant-level planning for recommended order proposals
  • Sales & Operations planning for full integration from restaurant to supplier

Supply Chain Visibility End-to-End

As your supply chain evolves in response to changing market demands and business objectives, so must your capabilities in supply chain visibility. HAVI solutions provide a single view into the state of your inventory across your supply chain. Our suite of systems and tools can be adapted to your needs as you look to enhance your ability to understand end-to-end inventory, spend activities and other events. Our team of data experts will work with you to ensure the information you need is presented in the right context and in a meaningful format so you can make smart business decisions and optimize how you serve your customers.

Supply Chain Analytics Backed By the Right Expertise

With more and more data at your fingertips, staying current with the tools and processes needed to support supply chain analytics may seem like a never-ending battle. Our supply chain planning solutions are backed by supply chain analysts and data scientists who will ensure you can get the most out of your data.

Our team will partner with you to leverage the power of Big Data to drive detailed analysis of promotions and limited time offers, optimal pricing and Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). Additionally, we will ensure our solutions are rightsized for your business and support your ability to create recommended orders based on visibility and best-in-class demand planning methods, helping you manage relationships, reduce waste and optimize ordering across your supply chain.