Supply Chain Sourcing

Taking the guesswork out of supply chain sourcing
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HAVI understands that as supply chains become ever more complex, managing supply chain sourcing, spend and suppliers is a growing challenge. It takes a dynamic, strategic sourcing approach, and a great deal of expertise, to find cost savings.

More control and efficiencies for a collaborative network

Lack of consistent visibility and reliability of data about trading partners and suppliers’ pricing and contracts make it challenging for companies to efficiently manage their supply chains and maintain costs as well as optimal inventory levels throughout their networks. HAVI can help you get to a single source of truth through your entire supply chain sourcing and procurement process.

Benefits you can realize include:


Deliver savings targets by finding and executing on cost savings measures.


Find efficiencies by using advanced, online tools to streamline strategic sourcing.


Reduce risk with improved supplier, contract, and spend visibility and compliance.


Drive collaboration across supplier networks with greater transparency and fact- based decision-making.

Solutions for better supplier relationship management

HAVI’s combination of services, tools and cloud-based platform for supplier relationship management deliver visibility and significant efficiencies across the entire sourcing and procurement process.

In addition to configuring and enabling access to a cloud-based platform, our solution also includes a series of reports that can be configured to meet your business challenges. Data is integrated, synthesized and passed on to you, so you can focus on what matters most: making decisions.

Our solutions have you covered:

  • Strategic Sourcing (RFx and Auction) - strategically source more products/services with no increase in staff
  • Procurement - from purchase requisition and PO all the way to ok to pay, fully integrated with your accounts payable
  • Procurement Project Management - track progress on your sourcing events
  • Contract Management –track compliance to contracts at your fingertips
  • Pricing Administration – pricing variance analysis, supplier system access for real time pricing updates and pricing approval workflow
  • Vendor Management/Performance - manage your supplier data, and increase collaboration

Our Expertise Applied Across the Entire Sourcing and Procurement Process

Managing the sourcing and procurement process is complicated, time consuming and often inefficient. Poor management can result in businesses working from inaccurate information, not securing the best possible pricing from suppliers and many other issues.

With our in-depth expertise in supply chain management and the foodservice industry, we work with our clients to efficiently move the technology part of the solution from default features and capabilities to a system that matches your specific business processes and needs. And, with our unique capabilities in integrating and automating data feeds for customer, distributor and supplier data, you will receive unprecedented visibility to all of your supply chain data.