Less is More with Single-Serve Packaging
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The Magic Touch of Tactile Food Packaging
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9 sensory packaging wins and fails
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6 Tips for Success as a Packaging Development Engineer
J.P. Zurek, Sr. Director, Business Development at HAVI talks about the 6 things that today's packaging engineers need to know in the packaging industry, with emphasis on design, innovation, and partnerships across the supply chain. To read the article, click here .
QR Codes Offer New Possibilities to Connect with Millennials
Jai Rastogi, Vice President, Packaging, Europe & APMEA, talks to QR codes and their rising popularity with insights on how food manufacturers can utilize these codes to tap into the millennial population. To read the article, click here .
Building Customer Engagement
Jill Ahern, HAVI senior director, consulting, packaging technology integrated solutions talks about the ways in which social media can be leveraged to share exceptional packaging design, and in turn, promote the brand. http://www.packagedesignmag.com/content/building-customer-engagement