Warehousing Solutions For Foodservice And More

See For Yourself How HAVI Is Leading Warehouse Efficiency


Please join us on a tour of HAVI’s new Kansai hub/distribution center in Kobe, Japan. This facility is an excellent example of HAVI’s commitment to working alongside our customers to drive their long-term growth while investing intensively in the countries where we operate.

As this video shows, our Kansai hub/distribution center incorporates advanced technology such as a sophisticated automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) that sets a new benchmark for automation in the food industry. Uniquely, it is also fitted with seismic technology to protect against earthquakes.

Significantly, the human factor was an important consideration in the facility’s design. Equipping teams with technology allows them to work smarter and enjoy greater job satisfaction. The voice-activated technology used by pickers, for example, allows them to work with both hands free, which means they can do their jobs more safely and more productively.

The Kansai hub/distribution center was also constructed with sustainability in mind. For lighting, it uses natural light and LED. For cooling, it uses rainwater harvesting and cooling technology that runs on alternative fuels.

The facility is among the biggest of its type in HAVI according to the volumes it can handle. With a capacity of almost 14,000 pallet positions, it is designed as a throughput DC, with a total of 43 docks along both sides of the warehouse to manage the flow of product in and out of three temperature zones – chilled, frozen and dry.

This investment demonstrates that we are prepared to go the extra mile when it comes to supporting the growth and success of the customers that we serve in Japan and around the world.

HAVI’s customers enjoy peace of mind knowing that their product is stored safely to the highest quality standards. Our warehousing experts store and handle products worth hundreds of millions of dollars in perfect condition for customers worldwide. We do this in the most sustainable way possible, which means optimizing and monitoring energy consumption is a way of life at every HAVI warehouse.


From fragile products, such as yogurt or salad, to delicate baked goods, frozen food and even promotional giveaways, we store and protect your goods in our global network of custom-designed, state-of-the-art logistics warehouses, always at the specified temperature.


Maximize food safety and never compromise when it comes to meeting the highest food safety standards – and protecting your brand.


Protect your products in dedicated temperature zones so that you can ensure quality is maintained in the cold chain.


Achieve HACCP quality with the rigorous standards and processes we apply when storing and handling your products.


Sustainable warehousing is a major factor in how we manage our fulfillment centers, and we have a proud history in this area, with proven innovations.

Store Your Product In Perfect Condition Using Our Warehouse Services

We integrate our warehousing solutions into the entire supply chain. With the focus on food safety and environmental efficiency, we equip our logistics warehouses with advanced refrigeration and deep-freeze technology. Our aim is to ensure that our customers’ goods are handled and stored in optimum conditions for onward delivery to the right place at the right time – every time.

Put Our Warehouse Management Experts to Work for You

As consumer demand for fresher, healthier foods continues to grow, warehouse management is becoming increasingly critical to the supply chain. From management to shift managers and order pickers, HAVI’s warehouse professionals are committed to maintaining the safety and quality of your products.

Each member of our team is trained to work within our strict operations regulations covering quality and security. Every step of your product’s journey – from planning and implementation to control and optimization – focuses on meeting your highest standards.

What’s more, we use end-to-end tracking and traceability technology to log every item passing through our warehouses and distribution centers, making this information instantly accessible at all times. This means you can stay abreast of your products’ exact status and place in the supply chain.

You’ll work with seasoned professionals each step of the way, knowing that your delivery is assured whether your product is at the warehouse or in transit.