Waste Services

HAVI is relentless in cutting waste, risk and costs for your business
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What you don’t know about your waste stream can still hurt your brand, if your contractors don’t act responsibly. Better waste management gives you the opportunity to make a tremendous environmental impact, while still doing what’s best for your business. HAVI’s waste services team is passionate about achieving savings, protecting brands from risk and achieving better outcomes for the planet.

Key Benefits: Waste Services

We use our analytics and creativity to help you:


Identify efficiencies and cost savings with deep analysis and unparalleled management expertise.


Gain extraordinary visibility into your company’s waste stream, using it to identify more savings.


Manage regulatory risk, keeping you ahead of legal changes that affect your business.

HAVI’s Waste Services

Our waste services team is driven to create efficiencies and generate savings for our customers. We do this by drawing on an unparalleled network of contractors and vendors, managing them expertly, and using analytics to understand and optimize your company’s waste stream, offering the following services: