We Deliver Our Promise, So You Can Deliver Yours

The History of HAVI

HAVI is a global, privately owned company focused on innovating, optimizing and managing the supply chains of leading brands. Offering services in analytics, packaging, supply chain, sourcing and logistics, HAVI partners with companies to address challenges big and small across the supply chain, from commodity to customer. Founded in 1974, HAVI employs more than 10,000 people and serves customers in more than 100 countries. 


HAVI’s supply chain services are complemented by the customer engagement services offered by our affiliated company The Marketing Store. Visit www.tmsw.com for more information.



Working together and with our customers, HAVI will become the recognized leader in innovating, optimizing and managing the supply chain of leading brands.


We promise our customers to earn your long-term trust through thought leadership, focus on customer value and by always doing what we say and saying what we do

We promise our people to provide an environment that enables you to unlock your promise and potential

We promise our suppliers/partners to partner with you to serve the customer and ensure our long-term, mutual success

The HAVI Philosophy


Operate with honesty and integrity, give back to the community and foster sustainable business operations


Earn customers’ long-term trust through thought leadership, focus on customer value and by always doing what we say and saying what we do

Work Environment

Provide a challenging, supportive and inclusive environment in which employees can thrive


Find new and creative ways to meet customer and market needs


Work together with customers, suppliers and within and across our businesses


Ensure diverse perspectives are present and valued

”At HAVI, we care not only about what we achieve, but how we achieve it." Ted Perlman Founder

Our Commitment to Sustainability

HAVI is committed to creating enduring value for customers by facilitating the wise use of resources
across their supply chains.

Our key focus areas:

  1. Safety – Product.
  2. Ethical Practices – People.
  3. Economics – Shared Value.
  4. Environment – Energy Efficiency, GHG emissions, Material Cycles, Ecosystems.

We achieve our commitment by...

  1. Providing thought leadership to customers.
  2. Following innovations and trends across our services.
  3. Implementing sustainable initiatives within HAVI.
  4. Serving as a catalyst for positive change.
  5. Investing in technology and innovation.

Our commitment to diversity & inclusion

At HAVI, we value, respect, and encourage the unique contributions of all individuals. We foster a culture where people from different backgrounds, views and approaches are sought out to provide perspective, propel change and challenge the status quo in order to drive growth in today’s competitive landscape.

Our Commitment to the Community

HAVI has long recognized the importance of giving back to the communities in which we operate. Our employees around the world contribute time and resources to a variety of global, regional and local charities and disaster relief organizations.

In many locations, employee groups focused on social responsibility coordinate community activities, such as an annual “Week of Giving” during which employees can take time from work to volunteer for a variety of community organizations.

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