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The ideal packaging is environmentally friendly, protects its contents, is easy to transport and store, and has a look and feel customers love.

That’s a lot to get right. Fortunately, HAVI’s experience in packaging concept development helps us learn your supply chain and your customers’ demands, in depth. We turn the resulting insights into packaging that makes a strong first impression and nurtures lasting loyalty.  

Key Benefits: Packaging Concept Development

HAVI can help you create outstanding packaging designs which:


Elevate your brand by positioning your products memorably and competitively, reinforcing their unique selling points.


Delight customers with unique, creative designs that meet their true needs.


Solve business problems and generate cost and efficiency benefits along the entire product lifecycle.


Are optimized for the entire supply chain, from the structural design, to packaging creative, to manufacturability and environmental engineering.


Successful packaging design development is complex work. In packaging development, insular thinking and disconnected execution can drive up costs and leave consumers taking a second look at your competitors. That’s why HAVI takes an integrated approach that lets you realize a bold vision for your packaging solutions. We love a creative packaging design challenge, but we look at the product development process from every relevant viewpoint.

  • Brand Activation - We put your brand at the heart of our concept development process, producing designs that increase brand differentiation and engagement.
  • Consumer Insights - Our research capabilities are packaging-specific. They’re designed by packaging professionals for informing packaging design work.  We leverage both primary and secondary research to generate proprietary insights and ultimately to connect with your customer’s needs.
  • Product Positioning - We bring together an understanding of consumers, the channels where they can be reached, the retail industry, the latest packaging innovations and technology, and sustainability. The resulting designs give you an advantage over your competitors and yield real business results.

From Graphic Design to Product Engineering

Many product packaging companies offer graphic design, and many produce attractive work. Behind the graphics the customer sees, there are a whole range of decisions about costs, materials, and function that are invisible to the eye. HAVI takes a holistic approach to packaging and supports development from four unique perspectives:

  • Artwork Design & Production - We produce designs that engage all the senses, balancing pragmatism and creativity.
  • Environmental Engineering - We use our packaging sustainability expertise to design with end-of-life in mind. Our global network and associations with leading sustainability organizations reduce the environmental footprint of your packaging. That reduces costs and helps you to document and demonstrate environmental improvements.
  • Structural Design - We challenge conventional wisdom and question assumptions, finding design solutions that are genuinely new.
  • Functional Engineering - We are relentlessly solution-driven, finding innovative ways to solve problems, constantly monitoring the total cost of design, all while keeping in mind the manufacturability of your custom package.

Custom Packaging Designed for the Entire Supply Chain

You know you need packaging solutions that balance your organization’s needs across the entire supply chain. But how deeply do you understand those needs? To maximize value, you need to balance many variables: from manufacturing, to logistics, through to end-of-life. Not only that, you need to manage those complexities in a supply chain that’s non-linear, often global, and constantly changing.

HAVI is a packaging partner that can gain a comprehensive view across your particular supply chain. We tackle the most stringent packaging requirements to get products successfully to market, consistently, wherever and whenever you need them.

HAVI has the ability to:

  • Think locally, regionally, or globally, wherever you need us to support you.
  • Balance marketplace innovation, reliable operations, and cost management, across a complex network of suppliers around the world.
  • Source viable, sustainable raw materials, ensuring quality packaging and graphic consistency across multiple manufacturing partners.

Consumer Insights Beyond Your Product Research

When we talk about leveraging consumer insights at HAVI, we don’t mean just reusing the same research that inspired your product. We go far beyond that, deploying resources other packaging companies just don’t have.

HAVI looks to unearth how customers truly interact with your packaging. Our unique analytics and consumer insights team has one goal: uncover insights that drive a marketplace advantage for you, and make full use of that advantage in your packaging solutions.  

A partnership with HAVI will unlock:


Proprietary secondary research approaches that take the pulse of the marketplace, and specifically your consumers.


Design and deliver custom primary research to best capture your product’s brand value and competitive advantage.


Meaningful insights and analysis that guide creativity, deliver inspirations, and provide the data to generate significant marketplace advantage.